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Zilberboim & Co. is a leading boutique firm in the field of civil-commercial litigation. The firm's team includes lawyers with extensive knowledge in a variety of legal fields, with years of experience in legal representation before the various judicial instances. We are proud to pursue a tradition of excellence and creativity in the application of the art of litigation.

The firm handles large and significant cases in the corporate and commercial arena in Israel, including complex commercial disputes, shareholder disputes, class actions and derivative suits and more.

The firm supports leading corporations specializing in various fields, among them real estate, industry, consulting, software, energy, retail and more, while also representing private clients active both in Israel and overseas.

The firm's clients in the field of civil litigation include leading companies in Israel such as IKEA Israel, Electra Group, Shafir Group, Zoko Group, Hodaya Group, Radco Group,  Arena Group and more.

Over the years, the partners in the firm’s litigation department have been involved in significant and important cases handled by the Supreme Court. For example, Adv. Dudi Zilberboim, a founding partner in the firm, represented Babylon Company in a verdict that was chosen by judges and justices of the Supreme Court as one of the most significant rulings given by the Supreme Court in 2017 in the field of civil law.

The firm's partners hold extensive experience in dealing with large-scale and high-profile commercial disputes. For example, The firm's partners represented and represent various controlling shareholders and functionaries in various requests for approval of class actions and derivatives, amounting over NIS 1 billion; The Zuko Group in a huge lawsuit against the international transportation concern Alstom, the quarries of Kfar Giladi in arbitration proceedings amounting to 400 million NIS and more.

The litigation team accompanies the firm's clients at every stage of the legal dispute, from the pre-litigation proceedings, to the litigation and consultation which may lead to a resolution of the dispute, and eventually in managing the case in front of the different courts or in arbitration and mediation proceedings. As part of its comprehensive representation, the firm's team also provides legal counseling to prevent lawsuits, while anticipating future developments.

The firm's partners hold extensive experience in handling high-profile cases, along with the ability to effectively manage media crises.

The firm's staff has substantial expertise in managing and coordinating the representation of entities with an affinity to Israel before various international courts.

The firm has extensive expertise in the field of class actions – in the areas of consumerism and capital markets. The firm's team has accumulated substantial experience in representing defendants, alongside many impressive achievements in this complex area, with an emphasis on cases with wide implications both on the corporation itself and implications on this legal field, including the creation of new precedents and rulings in the field.

The firm's team has gained extensive experience and knowledge in legal representation across legal disciplines, which combines creative legal thinking, personal attention and especially custom-made solutions accurately tailored to each customer's needs.

The uniqueness of the firm is the combination of professional quality of the first degree and down-to-earth personal service. We tailor-make solutions that are unique to the client's needs and measurements, while ensuring thoroughness and creative thinking.